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A Sense of Place

One thing I’ve noticed in my erotic romance writing as in all of my writing is that a sense of place is important to me. Lately, those places I’ve written about have been isolated ones: woods, paths, graveyards. And they’ve been in the South where I grew up.

I have this feeling I’m re-imagining my history, or something. I spent many hours on out of the way paths, in the woods, and in other removed spots with only nature or a special someone for company. I never ran into a fairy or a satyr, but I did have some strange experiences that I still cannot explain.

I think the importance of setting for me comes from my love of all things Gothic. The first novels I lived in were those with spooky castles, lonely moors, and family crypts as center points for the action. For my historical/paranormal erotic stories, though, a setting in an isolated place– a place that can take on otherworldly attributes– usually works well.

What settings work for you? Do you find yourself writing or reading about certain settings repeatedly?


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