Oh Baby

Oh Baby

Camille, Titus, Knoll, and Mortimer Tremont have made a lasting ménage. Camille is expecting her first child, and excitement reigns in the household as she waits for the brothers to return from a trip. The only problem is that Knoll has found a temptress elsewhere he is not sure he wants to resist, Mia Caldwell.

He tells Camille of this, and she gives herself to him body and soul in a hot night in an attempt to get his mind off of Mia. However, when Mia and her mother come to visit, it is clear Mia’s intentions are toward marriage. Camille and the Tremont brothers don’t trust Mia, and they fight Knoll’s noble inclination to save her from poverty, but he gives in and marries her.

Mia agrees to join their arrangement, and a night of passion with Knoll, now her husband, ensues. She soon invites the others into her bed, and they find her petite prettiness charming and sensual. Camille’s baby is born. Joy fills the house again as harmony is reached and their lust is fulfilled.

All is well, but then Mortimer receives a strange visitor who threatens the peace and passion in the household.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

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