Reynaldo Makes Three

Reynaldo Makes ThreeCan Reynaldo, Lorna, and John make it together as a threesome, or will jealousy and uncertainty tear them apart?

Lorna White, a freelance writer in her late twenties, is lonely with just her little pink vibrator for company after a sexy dream about a dark man. Her boyfriend, John, has been away on business for months when the handsome, bronzed Reynaldo Ruiz comes over to cut her lawn. Sparks fly instantly, and the two end up in the shower together that morning and in bed later.

When John calls to tell Lorna he will be home that evening a bit early from his trip abroad, she confesses that she has found a man as he suggested for the times he is away. John is excited at the thought of Reynaldo and Lorna being together, and he suggests that Lorna ask Reynaldo if he is interested in a ménage a trois arrangement. Obstacles stand in the way for these lovers, not the least of which is Reynaldo’s wish to have Lorna all to himself. Will they ever make the perfect triangle?

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