Riding Rogue

Riding RogueHeloise Ramsling is bereft at the sudden disappearance of her husband Rogue on their wedding night. When she takes a new horse from the stables for a ride, she learns Rogue’s secret: he is a horse shifter like all the first born men and women in the Ramsling line.

Rogue Ramsling has a big problem. His good for nothing younger brother, Winthrop, is hounding him for an inheritance he isn’t entitled to, and Rogue and his new bride aren’t safe as long as Winthrop is on the loose. Rogue changes forms, and in doing so, reveals his true nature as a Ramsling shifter to his wife. Will she let him claim her as his mate in the eyes of shifter society? Mor importantly, do they have a future together on the run from his evil brother?

*This is a short story of 4230 words.

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