Their Winter Courtesan

Their Winter CourtesanLucinda Charles and her fellow courtesan Rae Miles have a job to do in January of 1785. They’ve been summoned to Castle Greymar, the mouldering Cornwall estate of Lord John Marshall, Rae’s benefactor. They must pleasure five noblemen of varying tastes and passions. Lucinda’s benefactor of only a few weeks, the scarred and intense Hugo Cranston, is one of the men. The others, Thomas Law, Marcus Rawlings, and Nolan Royce capture Lucinda’s interest and hold her captive to pleasure in their own unique ways.

On Lucinda’s first night in the castle, she hears the lone howling of a wolf, and knows that all is not as it should be. All five men come to her chamber for a night of wild abandon. With the morning light, Lucinda learns that Rae has been spirited away from Castle Greymar under mysterious circumstances. What evil forces lurk at the sea side estate, and who will win Lucinda’s heart?

**This novella was previously published by another publisher. It has been revised and expanded slightly. It is 23400 words.

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